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14 February 2007


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Thank you for posting this. Your setup here is nothing short of brilliant. I had to read the last pages of the Xantrex Freedom 30 manual to understand how the transfer function worked. Great thinking!

Would you be kind enough to share what isolation transformer you are using? I'm interested in that it will accept both 220 and 120 voltages and transform them to 120. How much current does it accept in either mode? Thanks!

Hi Scott,

We just replaced the transformer with a 3,600W version made by Victron. This will allow a full 30A on 120V or 16A on 220V.
These units have easy jumpers for step-up or step-down mode so that you can use it for any combination of shore- and boat-voltage.
Keep an eye on the frequency, 50/60 Hz. Some equipment made for one might get damaged on the other. A transformer doesn't change the frequency of the input.

Sorry for replying so late ;-)

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